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Choosing Protein Wisely - High Protein Foods Fill You Up

High Protein Beef Jerky
Choosing protein wisely is about decision making. As we start to work out more and we start to empower ourselves in our bodies we know from different articles, that protein is beneficial to the body and it helps to build muscle, but the one problem you want to target right away is to not overdo it with protein which can constipate you and  be a little harsh on the kidneys. That’s why it’s so important to choose your protein wisely. We will talk more about healthy jerky later in this article.

Where To Get Your Protein?

For example, there have been recent articles out about bodybuilders who have gotten in trouble with going to the grocery store and loading up on cans of tuna. In their minds, they may have thought that this is a quick source of protein, and it’s relatively cheap, but they didn’t factor in the high levels of mercury! Mercury poisoning is something that you have to take seriously as it relates to canned tuna. But because grocery stores sometimes have tuna on sale for $1 a can or even cheaper you don’t see a sign next to them that says that the required daily amount that you can take in is usually one can per week or two cans at the most! In choosing protein wisely, if you knew this, you would not buy as much tuna and eat it every day because it’s extremely harmful on your kidneys.

So you might ask yourself where do I find good protein? An excellent area to target where to get good protein is right in your dairy aisle with yogurt. Yogurt is very high in protein and with new yogurt that is coming out daily like Greek yogurt, Chobani’s, these types of yogurts are very healthy and you can have a lot of yogurt without any side effects from them. We do caution you to be careful with certain yogurt like the Dannon low-fat yogurt that has artificial sweeteners in them, so look out for these and read your labels.

Another area where you can choose protein wisely is with healthy nuts. We don’t mean nuts that come in the can because a lot of Planters nuts are heavily salted and they have a lot of high fat in them, but there are some nuts that if you get them raw, like raw cashews raw almonds sliced almonds, etc., you can find that these are a good source of protein, a great snack, and you can take them with you wherever you are if you’re traveling to work, or to school, you always have a snack.

Red Meat Vs Jerky

High Protein Organic Beef Jerky
And of course, let’s not forget meat. Meat is an excellent source of protein, but make sure that you don’t overdo it with red meat. Red meat can sometimes be very hard on the heart because red meat can sometimes contain a lot of fat. Beef or Buffalo jerky is one way to get the high protein content of the meat without the fat. Jerky Direct is a company that makes healthy jerky without all the preservatives most jerky has. A serving of Jerky Direct jerky has 11 grams of protein and only 60 to 90 calories. So just be careful when buying meat because the red meat is richer than say a chicken or turkey sandwich would be with jerky to be one of the best alternatives of them all.

Meal Options with Protein

-Breakfast: Yogurt is great, but you can also incorporate healthy meat into your breakfast. If you’re adding meat to your diet, a good way to incorporate protein is to start your day with chicken that you dice up and sauté in a pan and maybe have it with an egg white omelet.

-Lunch: Because you want to choose protein wisely at lunchtime, you can have the leftover chicken and a salad. Or just make a fresh salad with sautéed chicken or turkey in it. You can also add fish and nuts to your salad. Another alternative is a protein shake with fruits and veggies to ensure you have enough fiber to process your protein.

-Dinner: For dinner, have a piece of fish with a side salad. Think of ways that you can enjoy your chicken your fish, shrimp, and other foods but keep track of the mercury, and this way you can enjoy protein, but still always remember to keep a salad or go for a side of steamed or sautéed broccoli, cauliflower or spinach.

Whatever you choose, just think smart and ensure you choose protein wisely. You can come up with some really great recipes that you enjoy!