I Lost Weight Running

Running Started Me Losing Weight

One year ago I wouldn’t have thought that I’d ever find a solution to my weight loss problems until I started running. I lost weight by running, by having a great friend beside me and by slowly changing my diet into a healthier one. At first, it was hard and I was constantly on the point of giving up, but I chose to trust my friend when he said that I won’t see immediate results, though when I will manage to drop some pounds, I will never put them back on. And this was what I wanted: a long-term solution.

Why Is Running So Good?

Running is known as one of the most efficient ways to burn calories and drop pounds, as well as one of the cheapest. You don’t have to pay to go to the gym or buy some kind of expensive equipment. You only need some comfortable clothes, trainers, and an iPod so you could listen to music. Obviously, the most difficult things to get before starting are strong will, determination, and patience. And you’ll see that you’ll need these three key-factors for the rest of your training. Running is the ideal sport not only because it helps you lose weight, but also because it builds up your resistance, strengthens your body, fills you with energy and ensures a great sleep. It is also great for heart health. Anyone should consider running for at least thirty minutes in the morning or in the evening. But if you really want to lose weight, you should first establish a running schedule so that you can slowly increase the distances and reach some weight loss results.

How I Took Up Running

My best friend has always had a passion for sports and didn’t miss a chance to run a bit in the morning or at the weekend. At first, I didn’t quite understand this because he certainly didn’t need to lose weight, and I was convinced that I should be the one to take up running. And this is exactly how I came up with the idea of asking him to advise me and eventually get me started. I must say he was very happy and admitted that he had thought several times to suggest this to me but was afraid that I would refuse because running can be very difficult for a beginner. So one Friday evening we went out in the park and I was very enthusiastic about beginning my training. Jim was a great coach right from the start. He first taught me how to do my warm up, cool down and stretching, explaining how important they are. Then he gave me my schedule and immediately scared me before I even had a taste of the exercise: in four weeks I was to reach two miles a day. At that time it seemed impossible. I had expected something else, like maybe half an hour every day. Alas, I decided to trust him again, tucked away from the schedule and got ready for my first running session.

To say it was painful would be an underestimation. It was a frustrating, sad, nerve-wracking experience. After a couple of minutes, I was out of breath and Jim had let me far behind. He came back and encouraged me. I was sweaty and I was sweating even more, by heart was beating like crazy and I just wanted to lie down on the grass. Thank God for Jim who wouldn’t let me give up so easily. Thanks to him I lost weight by running.

My Running Schedule

So, as I said, in four weeks I had to reach two miles a day. My running program alternated between a day of running and a day of rest. Each training began with 5-10 minutes of warm-up walk to loosen my muscles, then I would jog slowly for another 5-10 minutes and stretch a bit before starting the actual running. One of my favorite places to rub is at a state park near me. Its always such a refreshing run and I see something different everytime I run at the state park. I take a different trail to run on each time.

During the first week, I ran 1/ 2 miles and walked 1/ 2 mile, then repeated this one more time. During the second week, I reached 3/ 4 miles of running and 1/ 4 mile of walking, again repeating this twice. In the third week, I ran 1 mile, walked 1/ 4 miles and then ran another 3/ 4 miles. And finally, in the fourth week, I was able to run 2 miles.

All this time Jim was right beside me, encouraging me and convincing me that I was doing great and was on the right track. He also made some suggestions about how I should change my diet, but he knew I was incapable of making serious changes. I do believe, though, that simply by giving up fast food and soda I increased my chances of losing weight. After those four weeks, I lost 5 pounds and I was happy with the result. I also started feeling more fit, I was more resistant and simply felt better in my own skin. The conclusion is that, if I lost weight by running, anyone can do it and do not have to cringe at healthy exercise. Eat healthily and exercise on a daily basis will lead to overall better health.